Hartford, CT - July 13 - 15

So off we went to Connecticut. Home of... well.. err.. Connecticut people. Connecticuticans. Something like that. Anyway, we went to that place where they have a convention that is part anime and part webcomic con. How neat is that. They actually WANT people like me there! Brilliant!

What I started doing with Heroes that is now going to be my thing is to go and give everyone the devildot and make sure they get a card. So if you are coming to this show because I handed you a card and told you your photo would be on the site... here's the place.

It's a dirty trick, but that doesn't mean that I don't stand by what I do. Check out the rest of the comic, and then send all your friends to go look at your picture. It's like a pyramid scheme of awesomeness.

I have a LOT of photos to go through, so let's get to it... shall we?

(Ok - three things.. one, I'm not good at taking photos. Two, the wonderful shot of the catgirl was blurred up and I apologize to her immensely. Three, I don't know all of these animes... so if I mumble through it and am wrong, correct me, I'll fix it!)

CLICK TO MAKE THEM BIGGER (dirty dirty dirty)


First we have - the sexy Alice In Wonderland girls - Pirate Alice - Rinoa #1 & Yuna - and FRIGGING SNAKE! SNAAAAAAKE!

Next batch we have - Dark Link - Good Chobits girl - An assortment of Poke-Ladies - and Inuyasha w/ Kigome.

Now I give to you - Another Chobits w. Sailor Moon - Great Sora from Kingdom Hearts & a fight with Sora and Axel! - Finally ANOTHER evil Link!

Here's the last batch of pictures before we go to page two... We have another Chobits girl - Some Dr. McNinjas - An X-Trio - Finally, a gothy chick with awesome inkwork.. (Don't blame me, blame her lotus)

This is Jenny Breeden. As you go through the pictures, you will see that Jenny has in her hands a shotglass. Within that shotglass is Pixie Stix. Not the little paper ones mind you, but two huge straw ones held in radioactive plastic to keep it at bay. It looks so innocent doesn't it?

This is Rinoa from FF8. Cute, no? Anyway... she was minding her own damned business while we were discussing the amazingness that is a shotglass that can hold two full pixies and we were mocking as to who should drink it.

Rinoa took the job.

The end of this story is that for a long moment we feared that we killed the poor girl, as taking down two Pixies at the same time is a horrendous thing to do and we don't recommend it to anyone. Remember... dry things absorb liquid.. like the saliva in your mouth.. until it's all gone.. and you still have a mouthful of dust. This is our heartfelt thank you for being a jackass with us Rinoa. You rock.

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